Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The OHO/CinC fiasco

Like so many others I am just about fed up waiting for answers. I woke up yesterday to a myspace message from a friend telling me she didn't have authorization to post and then had to reregister. Now I had noticed the forum url switch and the overall bugginess of the forums a few days prior but we weren't told anything. Then I get this weird email from Meredith Leyva saying she and OH had split and she hoped that I and the other mods would moderate her site and then had another email granting me moderator priviledges for So finally I go to my favorites and click and get a page that tells me to choose which site I want to visit. It was only then I discovered the fiasco that had been going on for quite some time since I am on Alaska standard time. I then decided to figure out how to log on to Cinchouse and see what was going on. As of right now I haven't made a definite decision about where I will be moderating, although I am leaning toward a specific side. As it is only a volunteer job I have to decide where my loyalty lies which is very hard to do. I really want more information about why the two split. There has been a lot of shadiness between the two and there have always been questions that have gone unanswered. Be as it may a volunteer position, I put in a lot of my time and list it on my resume. I don't want to be associated with something or someone that is being brought into a negative light because it will also make me look bad when I have had nothing to do with what is going on. Unlike others, I don't have the luxury of being able to be a member of both sites. If I choose to stay at OHO I will be banned from Cinchouse so far as I can tell. I am not sure if the same would be true at OHO. I don't like being caught in the middle and I don't like being misled or lied to. I think both parties are responsible for this mess and have some real explaining to do.


Kathleen said...

I agree. The ball has been dropped with both sides. I am very disappointed.

What makes me the saddest is the members. The posts are just horrible to a point and the team avatars are just silly to me.

The site split. Big deal. Lets move on with no hard feelings. People are being right fighters for someone they haven't even personally met. This deal is between two sites not the members.

And why honestly care about the financials? Did anyone personally pay to be on that site? Did anyone buy the vehicle out of their own money? That is all something better left to the admin and officials. If something was done wrong Karma will win out in the end. The wrong never go unpunished.

Women can be so hard on eachother. It is the one thing that I hate about the female gender. We are never truly unified. Whoever shares different beliefs will be pushed out from both sites and that is sad.

Cootie Pants said...

And now we will never know what happened because it was part of the agreement not to disclose what really happened lest anyone want to be sued. I find this all really annoying but I have made up my mind where I am going to be a moderator, now I just have to find out if I am allowed to be a member of the other site too.