Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Michael Miller First Sight/Soft N Comfy Satin Edge Blanket

So I bartered with one of my friends this past weekend, a nice blanket for her son in return for a massage (that I should be getting this week, she is a licensed massage therapist.) It took three times as long to make because she was here standing over my shoulder the whole time. Of course she was playing with her baby and mine while talking to my mom and I and we had dinner too; but it was a bit nervewracking making it while she was here. In fact I sliced my finger open cutting the fabric. The soft-n-comfy fabric is a real pain to work with, like minkee, because it stretches and moves all over the place. Even using a 90 stretch needle it was a pain in the butt. Everytime I would get to the middle when sewing the satin blanket binding the fabric would start to move making the hem uneven and not straight. Regardless, it turned out really nice and she was happy with it. I am making B.Lee one with a black satin binding. Here is the one I made for her:

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natesgirl said...

I LOVE his fabrics what a darling quilt!!