Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Look and Content coming soon!

If you have visited my Etsy shop recently you will notice that I have changed my avatar and banner. As I previously mentioned, I hired enchantedmemories at Etsy to do a mega redo. I am very pleased with everything so far! She also redesigned an ad for me which is currently on Craft Cult and now on Project Wonderful. Aside from those sites I am also advertising my shop on Handmade Spark and Cafe Handmade.

That being said, with all of these ads you would think I would be selling like crazy. But alas, I am not. The weird thing is I have had a few people convo me for custom listings and wholesale inquires and I will answer them and then get no further response. It is a bit of a downer. Add that to the fact that we have been here since the end of February and I have made no friends at all even though I have given my number to three people and still have a ton of stuff to do around the house. The good news is my family is getting along better since the move so that trumps anything else.

So that brings me to the new content. From now on I plan to use this blog not only for my shop updates but also for what I originally intended it for: To talk about life, the things that interest me and to hear from you. Long before I blogged I had a live journal and my own website where I rambled about pretty much everything. Then my life started to become especially overwhelming and busy and I just kind of stopped. I went to college to become a journalist, so naturally it is my nature to want to write and explore all different sorts of ideas and thoughts. Yet,the only part of my degree I am currently using is the research, so now it is time to write! My vision for this blog is to talk about all sorts of topics that relate to babies and toddlers such as breastfeeding and attachment parenting, cloth diapering, love and logic parenting and more. I would also like to include aspects of military life. These are the topics that interest me and are a part of my everyday life. I hope to gain some new followers as well as insight from my current followers. Thanks for sticking around.

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The Finicky Frog said...

HI Nicky! I apologize for not giving you a proper welcome when you stopped in to my blog. Thank you so much for being one of the shining faces I see every morning, and for following along all my chatter. I've noticed you've just moved to a new place. I have too, and it's pretty hard not knowing anyone. Don't be discouraged, God is Good and blessing are on the way!

Take care and I can't wait to look through the rest of your blog!