Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shop update 08/09/09 and new look

So I finally took the time to update the look of my blog and the design on Twitter. I hope to be using both of these tools more often to keep people apprised on what is going on with my shop. So here is my update.

My son is finally mostly sleeping through the night thanks to my mom's visit so now I am getting more sleep and am able to get more work done. I have the Ft.Richardson country fair coming up in November which is a one day craft fair in which I will be taking everything I have made up to that point to sell. I have already cut out about 60 receiving blankets to serge and list to prepare for this event. Of course I precut and then washed them not thinking that I needed to leave a few more inches so they are all slightly shorter than usual. They are all still very big so it really doesn't matter very much. I could do like other shops and just cut and serge straight from the bolt, but I don't like doing that because they will shrink in the wash and then you run the risk of pulling and puckering and I think that takes away from the quality. I'm not saying that always happens, but it can. Especially with flannel and a rolled hem. Plus I think it is false advertising to say a blanket is 36x44 and then the first time they wash it it shrinks to 33x39. I would rather sell it as prehrunk 33x39 so I know the next time it is washed it will look the same and the customer will be pleased. I also like how since it is prewashed the sizing and chemicals are gone so it is very soft to the touch, another selling factor. I get a lot more interest in them locally because people can see first hand how nice they are. Trying to sell them on Etsy or anywhere else is very hard because of the competition and you don't have the opportunity to see and feel it in person.

I plan to have a lot more new items listed in the next month or so. I will finally start listing embellished prefolds and more cloth wipes as well as some new things I have been working on, so be on the lookout for new product reveals! If you have an idea for something you would like to see me make, like a particular item or a character or slogan for a bib or even a specific fabric please contact me! I am always open to suggestions. Thanks for reading.

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